Nexus 5X gets permanent $30 price cut

21829463401_c9b96e29fa_bEarlier this year Google released the Nexus 5X as a successor to the infamous Nexus 5 and also as a cheaper alternative to the more expensive Nexus 6P. If the Nexus 5X $379 price tag was just a bit too steep your in luck. Google has just announced that it will be permanently knocking $30 off the price of their budget phone, bringing the already low price down to $349. This may not seem like a big change but keep in mind that Google often has promotional periods in which you can save as much as $80 on the phone and now that the price has been permanently dropped these promotions will be even more appealing. It also puts it closer to the price of some other budget friendly phones such as its biggest competitor the One Plus 2 which is currently only a bit cheaper at $329 but also requires an invite to purchase.


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