CM 13 brings new life to Nexus 10

Nexus_10Despite the Nexus 10 being almost 4 years old now, it is still a very capable device with decent hardware and a beautiful display even by today’s standards. The Nexus 10’s official updates ended at Android 5.1 but thanks to folks at CyanogenMod we can expect to get many more updates in the future now that it is officially supported my the team. In fact, CyanogenMod has released an official nightly version of CM 13 running 6.0.1 marshmallow for the Nexus 10 ready to be flashed onto your device from their website. It is very nice to see cyanogen mod continuing to support devices that are still more than capable of running the latest versions of android, in fact, it seems quite strange  that google refuses to update their legacy nexus devices despite them being able to run the latest version with no issues. But, despite this, we are lucky to have such an active dev community dedicated to bringing the latest version on android along with the latest enhancements to as many people as possible.


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