The Pi Zero is the worlds first $5 computer

Pi-ZeroFor years, Rasberry Pi has been making extremely affordable computers to allow children all over the world to get into coding at a young age without having to break the bank. The Pi Zero is their latest attempt on making an affordable computer for children and it’s their cheapest model yet. The new Pi Zero costs only $5 and is world’s cheapest computer. For your money you get a 1GHz ARM processor, 512MB of RAM, a microSD card slot, a Mini-HDMI socket and Micro-USB sockets which are actually some decent specs for the price, in fact, they are about the same as the original Rasberry Pi, which at the time was $35. The unit is also incredibly small only 65 by 30 by 5mm.

Introducing PIZERO from Raspberry Pi Foundation on Vimeo.

The companies chief executive and creator Eben Upton explained that when he was young he had to drain his bank account in order to get into coding and with the new Pi Zero he wants no ensure that no kid in 2015 will ever have to go through what he did to get a computer. Even though the companies Rasberry Pi was cheaper than most equivalent computers by a factor of 5 it was still a bit too steep for some people. He says that the current Pi is about as cheap as computers will get and doesn’t plan on reducing the price any further.

“We’ve gone from the cost of four lattes to one latte. We’re not going to go below the cost of one latte,” he said. “We really hope this is going to get those last few people in the door and involved in computer programming.”

Rasberry Pi has already made tens of thousands of Zero units but expects demand to vastly outstrip supply. If you want to get your hands on a Zero you will have to go to your local newsagent and pick up the latest edition of MagPi the official raspberry Pi magazine. It will be the first ever magazine to bundle a computer as a free gift.


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