Snapchat will now make users pay for replays

A big update is coming to Snapchat. In the currect version of the app whenever you receive a snap after viewing it the first time, you can only replay it once per day. Now snap chat has found a new way of getting a little bit of extra cash from its users. Now it will only allow you to replay the snap once after receiving it. But, you are able to replay it as many times as you want if you pay… $0.99 will get you 3 replays $2.99 will get you 10 and $4.99 will get you 20.


In other news, the new update will also bring new lenses to be used when taking selfies. Now whenever you are taking a selfie and hold on your face, Snapchat will prompt you to select a face effects lens. There are a plethora of lenses that range from replacing your eyes with hearts to a lens which will make your face look demonic… Also, these new lenses will only be available on newer versions of android but Snapchat didn’t specify which versions will be compatible.


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