Google’s Clock app is finally available on the Play Store

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 7.36.00 PMOver the past year, Google has been adding more and more of its app’s that normally come only with stock android onto the Google Play store. By doing this, it makes it much easier for them to release updates and it makes it available for everyone, even those without Nexus devices.

The app was released on the store today as version 4.0.1. Clock features all the standard functionality you would expect from an alarm app with Google’s beautiful Material Design. The clock has also gained Android Wear support such as the ability to dismiss or snooze alarms.

Full Changelog

  • Enjoy Google’s material design clock experience on your Android device.
  • Set alarms, add timers, and run a stopwatch
  • Add your favorite cities to the World Clock pane
  • Connect with Android Wear to snooze or dismiss alarms from your watch

If you want to try out the app you can download it from here.


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