Hound beats Google Now, Siri and Cortana in ultimate comparison video

sound-vs-google-now-vs-siri-vs-cortanaSoundHound’s, Hound voice assistance is still in beta but has proven to be very resourceful, even compared to many of its established competitors. A new video was released which compared the capabilities of Hound against the 3 major personal assistants, Google Now, Siri and Cortana. The test was performed by Typhone.nl, and shows the four personal assistants answer a variety of easy and complex questions. In all the tests Hound has proven to be the fastest at responding and at providing relevant answers. The tester also asked it many questions in which it had to connect two concepts, for example: “How many days until Christmas?” followed by the question “and how about Easter?”. Only a few of the personal assistances could connect two concepts and not all of them managed to do it every time, except Hound. The tester in the video it’s even a native speaker so all of the virtual assistances should have had equal trouble understanding his accent, but Hound managed to get it every time.


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