Google releases serious competitor to Twitch

YTG FamilyOn Friday Google’s Youtube division released a new app and website called Youtube Gaming. The new service allows users to stream live and recorded gameplay and it will be available this summer starting in the US and UK. Watching other people play video games has grown tremendously in popularity over the past few years. Twitch, one of the most popular game streaming services was the fourth largest source of traffic on the Internet after Netflix, and Google is clearly trying to compete with them with this new service. Last year Twitch averaged 100 million viewers a month word-wide. Google was actually rumored to acquire twitch last year, but they were bought by Amazon instead for $970 million.

Youtube has had some success in gaming over the past few years. Pewdiepie a Swedish Youtuber has more the 37million subscribers who regularly watch him play video games, he is also the most subscribed channel on Youtube. His videos generate millions of dollars in advertising each year. Pewdiepie isn’t the only popular gaming channel on Youtube, in fact, many of the most popular Youtube channels are gaming channels. Where users watch other people play video games with commentary over them.


In Google’s new service, they are making changes to encourage gamers to switch from Twitch and Youtube to their new video/streaming service. For example, users will no longer need to schedule Live events ahead of time. 25,000 games will have their own pages displaying the best videos and live streams about that game. They will also be organizing live gaming tournaments that can be viewed for free.

On launch, YouTube Gaming will be ad-supported and free for users. Google has plans to eventually allow advertisers to target specifically for the gaming app.

Source: YouTube Official Blog


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