Samsung unveils TV of the future!

Samsung-Display-55-inch-Transparent-OLED_1_1Samsung has released one of the first mirror transparent OLED displays. Samsung is mostly targeting the device at the personalized shopping market and is teaming up with intel to use their Real Sense technology in order to have the displays interact with their users. Samsung has plans to use this new technology for virtual planning of rooms, in other words, it will allow you to see what a room would look like with certain furniture or colors. Intel’s real sense involves a series of 3D cameras that can recognize people, their actions and the environment around them, It is a similar technology to Microsoft’s Kinect. The technology would allow the user to control the display with hand gestures and it can also measure distances and scan objects to add them to the virtual environment.

Samsung says that they have made significant improvements over the competion in the transparent display market. Samsung says that their displays have a significantly higher color gamut, increased transmittance and better viewing angles than normal LCD displays. Samsung’s displays are 40 percent transparent compared to just 10 percent which most of the competition offers. When it comes to their mirror display, Samsung claims that it reflects more than 75 percent of the light that hits it and has increased the color gamut, contrast ratios and superior response times.


Currently, Samsung is only marketing these transparent OLED displays at advertizing but, that doesn’t mean that it could eventually make its way into the home for augmented reality situations. It also has the potential to be used in the automotive, smart home and medical markets.

Source: Business Wire


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