Sound Hound releases serious competitor to Google Now on Android

Hound_HeroImage.0Sound Hound is more commonly known for its song identification service but, for the past  years they have been developing their own personal assistant called Hound. They released a private beta of Hound on Tuesday, hoping that it would replace Google Now for things such as weather, navigation , and general search. Keyvan Mohajer, the found of Sound Hound told Wired that their new personal assistant is designed to handle quires faster and more efficiently then the competition. It does this by applying what they have learned from the Sound Hound service. It has been a dream of Sound Hound to do this for years but they decided to target a market with less competition first. Developers will also be able to integrate Hound’s search technology into their own apps with an API. The app is currently available for android on the Play Store, but is invite only. They did confirm that it will come to iOS soon, but no date has been given. I have not managed to get an invite to Sound Hound but, from the videos I’ve seen it does seem to be pretty impressive. In terms of Voice recognition it is pretty much on par with Google Now and Siri if not even slightly better and is saying something… Of course Google Now does have some more useful features that Hound is lacking like Now Cards and even Now on Tap. This is mostly because the features that I mentioned require advanced permissions that Android doesn’t offer to third party apps. But, similar features could be added with software updates later on.


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