Samsung refutes rumors that the Galaxy S6 isn’t selling well

rtr4rsm8This year Samsung improved the Galaxy S6 for the better, they pretty much improved it from all angles both Hardware and Software. But, apparently this didn’t translate into good sales. There have been some rumors circling around the web suggesting that the sales of the S6 have been terrible and that Samsung’s entire mobile business is “imploding”. According to Oppenheimer the bad sales are due to the lack of changes in software. Although Samsung has changed many aspects of their hardware their software remains relatively unchanged.

When we look at Samsung’s flagship in 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge, almost all of its differentiators fall back to hardware: a cutting-edge CPU, curved display, iPhone-like metal casing, front area fingerprint sensor, and camera with OIS. At the same time, we see little improvement in Samsung’s software user experience, and no value-added to existing Samsung users who are on prior generations of devices.

Oppenheimer claims that Samsung sold 10 million S6 units in one month compared to 11 million S5 units last year. These numbers may or may not be genuine but either way Samsung felt the need to confirm that the sales of the S6 are meeting their expectations:

Sales of the S6 and S6 Edge are meeting our internal target. S6 sales will clearly be higher than those of the S5. Samsung will aggressively promote sales in our target markets… You have to wait and see; however, the S6 and S6 Edge sales will be far higher than those of the S5.

Although the Galaxy S5 saw more initial sales then the S6 a Samsung representative confirmed that they are currently selling around 305,000 S6 units a day. We will have to wait till Samsung releases their official financial report before judging.

Source: The Korea Times


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