How to install Android M developer preview

android-m-logo-smaller-w782This post will be about how to download and install the developer preview for Android M. On Thursday Google unveiled new version of their android operating system under the code name Android M. Although it will be quite awhile before the update will be released (probably in Q3 of this year) you can still download the developer preview and try out an early build of the OS for your self. Note that the preview is currently available for only four devices the Nexus 5, 6, 9 and the Nexus Player.


Be aware this update is not intended for the “average user” and is meant for developers. We highly suggest that you DON’T install this preview on your main device and be aware that this it is only a preview and could have bugs and issues that the team at Google has yet to fix. Also, if you don’t be careful you run the risk of bricking your device! If after this warning you have a spare Nexus device and want to try to install the preview please proceed to the rest of the post.

How to install Android M

  1. Download the latest Android Studio Preview on your Windows computer. This will install ADB and fast boot which you can use from the command prompt.
  2. Add the SDK folder to the PATH using the following steps
  3. Right click on My Computer and click on properties
  4. Click on advanced system settings
  5. Click on System Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables.
  6. A window will pop up. Select path, then click on edit and type in the name of the directory where you installed the SDK. (each entry is separated by a semi colon ; )
  7. Make sure to enable USB debugging on your device if it isn’t already by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Information.
  8. Tap build number 7 times to activate developer mode and then go to Settings > Developer Options and turn on USB debugging.
  9. Download the latest factory image for your Nexus device:  Android M for Nexus 5Android M for Nexus 5Android M for Nexus 9 or Android M for Nexus Player.
  10. Extract the image on to your desktop
  11. Connect your device to your computer
  12. Start your device in fastboot mode. To do this you must do a key combination that is specific to each device. Click here to view the full list of key combos.
  13. Open a cmd prompt and find the unzipped image. (Remember Cd followed by the name of the directory is how you access the directory you want and dir is to list all the files that are in the directory)
  14. Execute flash-all.bat. This command will install all the necessary boot loader, base band firmware’s and OS. If this is not working make sure you did step 2 correctly.
  15. When this is done you should lock the boot loader for security reasons. To do that boot the device into fastboot mode while it is still connected to your computer and using the command terminal execute: fastboot oem lock
  16. Congratulations you are done! Android M will be receiving OTA every month with bug fixes and some new features until the final version is released to the public.

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