Why Now on tap is the best android feature in a long time

nexus2cee_tomorrowland-finalAs many of you know yesterday was Google’s annual developers conference Google I/O. At the conference they unveiled a new version of Android called M. This new version brings many improvements including the one we will be talking about in this post. Now on tap is a feature that extends the functionality of Google now by giving you relevant information based on what app you’re in and what your doing in the app. For example if you’re in the text messages app and are talking to someone about a specific restaurant or movie you can hold down the home button on your phone and it will tell you additional information about the restaurant or movie such as opening hours or in the case of the movie reviews and list of actors. It is truly a unique feature and we really haven’t seen anything this useful in quite awhile, maybe even since the release of Google Now its self. We haven’t seen this in any other smart phone and it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds. What do you guys think about Now on tap? Would you use it? Tell me in the comments below…

Image Source: Android Police


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