The most important things we saw at Google I/O 2015

2015-02-10-image-19Just a few hours ago Google’s annual developer conference Google I/O concluded. Tons of exciting new things were announced, but I’m just going to cover the most important in this post.

Android M

As many of us expected Google unveiled a new version of android that looks a lot like its predecessor. But it is the most polished version of android yet with tons of new power optimizations, services and changes to how apps interact. App permissions have been improved considerably, now instead of android giving you a long list of app permissions it will ask you to approve each permission individually as the app needs them similar to iOS. Many improvements have also been made to in app browsing. Normally, when you try to load up a website on your phone from with in an app you’ll either be redirect to your web browser or you’ll have to use a built in web viewer. Well in Android M this will change with a new feature called Chrome Custom Tabs which is essentially an in app chrome browser designed to load pages much faster by preloading many elements in the page. Many improvements to battery life have been made. Google introduced a new feature called “Doze” which causes your phone to go into deep sleep when no motion is detected for a long period of time. Google also released Google Now on tap which allows you to press the home button to bring up Now cards with relevant information based on the app you happen to find your self in.


New Photos App

As you all know Google already has a Photos app which is tied into Google+. But now, they unveiled a completely revamped version that displays all your photos in a time line like fashion and they are organized by location. You will be able to upload an unlimited amount of compressed photos and videos for free. There are also more tools to allow you to turn your photos/videos into a collage or movie.

Google Smart Home

Google released a new project called project Brillo. The project is based on an operating system found on the lowest layers of Android called Weave. Weave allows your different smart devices to communicate with one and other and it also provides support for Wifi and Bluetooth. Google will officially be entering the Smart Home market by the end of this year.


Android Pay

Android Pay is Google’s answer to Apple’s Payment method Apple Pay. It will allow you to buy everyday goods with your phone’s NFC chip and will work on all Android phones running Kit Kat and above which is about 49.5 percent of all Android phones if anyone was wondering… Google also said that 700,000 stores will accept it including Chipotle and Duncan Donuts. If your phone has a finger print scanner you’ll also be able to use that to authenticate payments.

Android Wear will get more refined

Google added some important new apps to android wear such as Uber and Spotify. You will also be able to have apps running on the watch in low power mode. For example you could leave maps open on your watch and it will display the map in black and white to conserve power. They also unveiled a new App launcher designed to make launching apps much easier and faster.

Virtual Reality

Google cardboard was an unexpected success last year and this year Google released a new version designed to hold all sizes of phones up to 6 inches. This new model no longer has the magnet clicker but a card board one designed to work with all phones. They also released an SDK for iOS and Android and yes, they also released a Card Board app for iOS.

Image Sources: and TheVerge


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