Top 5 things to expect at Google IO


Google IO is just around the corner and over the past few months we have been getting tons of hints on what to expect.

Lollipop Forest

Update to Android

Last year at Google IO we saw one of the most important updates to Android in a very long time , Android 5.0 Lollipop. This update brought many improvements to the Android Operating System, arguably one of the most important was Material Design which is not so much a feature as a complete design overhaul. This year we expect to see slight tweaks in material design as well as some long overdue stability and performance improvements to Lollipop. If Google does what it did last year it will be awhile before we will find out the actual name of the new operating system, but we will most likely be able to download a preview build shortly after the event.

Google Photos

This year at Google IO we also expect to see Google Plus photos break off into a separate service. We still expect it to retain many of its best features such as automatic GIFs and Autoawsome but we expect it to appeal to a much larger audience.


Project Fi

As many of you already know, Google is now officially a phone carrier (if you own a Nexus 6) and we can expect to hear much more information at Google IO, such as when it will be available to everyone and when it will work on other phones besides the Nexus 6.


Internet of things

For those of you who don’t already know, the Internet of Things is the concept that all the “things” in your home will one day be connected to the internet and will be able to share data with one another to make your life much easier. This area is getting very competitive with Apple, along with many other tech giants, already on board. Google recently purchased Nest, a smart thermostat company, which leads us to believe that they are planning to enter the space. We expect them to unveil a new software to help the user control all their smart appliances in their home.

Android Pay

Last but not least we expect to hear more about Android Pay, Google’s main competitor to Apple Pay. Apple Pay has only been out for a few months and already it has taken the world by storm, since they are partnered with some of the most popular store chains in the US. This year we expect Google to make their move, hopefully they will also partner with many more store chains to make their platform more widespread.


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