Your Android Wear watch no longer needs your phone!


Earlier today Google released a new software update for all Android wear smart watches. It includes many new features that can make even old wear devices seem new again. Many of the new features are designed to match and in some aspects surpass the Apple watch. One example is the ability to add emoji by simply drawing them instead of selecting them from a menu like on the Apple watch. The new update also includes an extremely useful feature, WiFi support, something that the Apple watch doesn’t even have. Now, with select devices you will be able to receive notifications from your phone even when your watch isn’t connect to it via Bluetooth. In other words you will be able to receive notifications anywhere within a WiFi network. It only works on Android wear watches with WiFi radios. But, there are already many of them on the market. The first watch to receive the update will the LG urban, probably one of the nieces looking android wear watches on the market.


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