You can now unlock your Android phone with your voice!

androidtrustedvoiceWhen Google Play services 7.0 was released to the public, people noticed that in the code there was partial support for a feature called “Trusted Voice”. We reasoned that this must be some new smart lock feature that would allow the user to unlock their devices by merely uttering a phrase, but the feature was not yet visible in the settings app. But now,  users are reporting that the fully functioning feature is starting to roll out. To activate the feature, you simply have to tap the options button under smart unlock and you will be brought to the Google app’s settings. You will then see a warning saying that your phone will be less secure with this feature enabled. After you tap ok, you will be able to access your phone by saying “Ok Google”. The feature works by matching your voice model only when it hears the phrase “Ok Google”. If you still don’t see the option be patient the new feature is rolling out slowly.



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