Why the Pebble Time is just what a smart watch should be


In 2012 Pebble launched a kickstarter campaign to release the world’s first true smartwatch. You would be able to receive notifications, download apps and even answer calls all from your watch. Since then, many of the biggest tech companies in the world have joined the smart watch movement and have released smart watches with very premium designs and less premium software.  Even 3 years later, the original Pebble still somewhat holds up to the competition because of its simplicity and long lasting battery. Earlier this week Pebble released the first true successor to the Pebble, the Pebble Time. The Pebble Time is much slimmer and lighter than the original Pebble. It now has a colored e-ink display and a much more modern looking UI. The UI may actually be the thing that makes this smart watch so great, the OS organises your data in the form of a time line.  By going back in time you can see everything you missed, going to the future it will show you what is coming and, by default, the watch shows you the present, which shows you the current time along with any incoming notifications. Personally I believe this is what the UI of a smart watch should look like.  Iit doesn’t need to be a smart phone strapped to your wrist– it simply needs to be a device that tells you relevant information quickly and easily without having to talk out to your phone. Unlike other manufacturers which are pretty much making smart watches that are similar to low-end smart phones designed to strap to your wrist, Pebble is keeping things simple therefore insuring that the OS will be stable and won’t lag or crash like other smart watches do. Pebble’s main focus is just to get information to you as quickly as possible without adding other complex features and I believe that is exactly what a smart watch should do. Also an important point to note is its battery life of 7 days which is far superior to any other smartwatch on the market, which on average last only 2 days. Of course, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to the new Pebble. Its design isn’t that great in my opinion, and it looks more like a toy compared to some other smart watches such as the Moto 360, Pebble Steel or even the original Pebble. Also, I think they could have made it a bit more affordable, currently it is $200 or $170 if you pledge that amount of money on kickstarter. That puts it into about the same price range as the Moto 360 and although it does just about the same things as the Moto 360, it doesn’t look nearly as premium. Overall I believe that the Pebble Time is a step in the right direction for Pebble and the smart watch market in general.


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