Why the most recent leaked renders may not be the real M9

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.27.14 PM

Image source: The Verge

Over the past few weeks you all may have noticed the supposed leaked renders of the M9. In these leaked images we see a phone that looks extremely similar to the M8 with almost no noticeable difference besides the camera which we assume is 20 Mega pixels… Personally I think that all of these leaked renders and prototypes are fake and have been intentionally leaked out by HTC to distract the press from the real leaked renders… There is only one render that we have seen in the past few weeks that I believe to be real. The render was leaked by none other then Evleaks. One of the most trusted leakers on the internet. His render shows two completely redesigned phones. Both with a beautiful aluminum body, a larger front facing camera and almost bezel less screen. Personally I think this is the real M9 mostly for two reasons. One, this seems to be a more realistic design for HTC to go with in my opinion, if you look at the M7 vs the M8 you can see that the design of those two phones are quite different, so if HTC significantly changed the design with the M8 why wouldn’t they not do another major redesign with the M9. The second reason I think this render is real is because it was posted by Evleaks. As I said before Evleaks is one of the most trusted leakers out there and his leaked renders of the M7 and M8 were completely right. So, that is what I think… I obviously could be completely wrong and this might all just be wishful thinking, but it is still fun to think about 🙂b8cidk3cyaezatg-1-2015-01-28-09-14-25


One thought on “Why the most recent leaked renders may not be the real M9

  1. I doubt HTC will just change the back of the M8 and call the it the M9….I will be shocked if they did that and it will not bode well for their attempt to come back strong. The render from @evleaks seem to be the one that a lot of ppl have responded positively to. The from Jonas Daehnert draws inspiration from that of @evleaks or they both have a lot of us excited. So I hope that is the direction HTC went with the M9. Please I hope they don’t give Sammy any leg up b4 the battle even begins…cuz it seems they have a cppl of nice S6’s brewing. Can’t wait for March 1st to get here

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