Has Google just announced Android 5.1?


Image Source: Official Android One site

All though Google hasn’t made an official announcement they indirectly confirmed the existence of Android 5.1 on their Android One website. Earlier today the official Android One website was updated saying that every Android One phone will be running android 5.1! Originally many people though it was a typo but since then Android Police has confirmed its existence with a picture of an Android One device running 5.1. No official change log has been released but this new development does seem to fit a leak from Android Pit which said that the update would be released some time in February with the following changes:
Silent mode added after missing on Android 5.0,General improvements in system stability,Improved RAM management,Fixes for sudden app closures,Improved battery management,Excessive consumption of network devices when used Wi-Fi fixed,Issues with wireless connections fixed,Problems with Okay Google function solved,Notifications problems solved,Some sound problems experience [sic] by certain devices fixed,Other improvements and changes,Changes in the Material Design color palette. Source Android Pit


Image Source: Android Police


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