Impressions- Android L, iOS 8

List of new features on the upcoming updates for Apple and Android devices.

Apple iOS 8 –

The new Apple Fitness App. A replica of Samsung Fitness App

The new Apple Fitness App. A replica of Samsung Fitness App

  • Apple iOS 8 – A total overhaul of the existing iOS 7 update from last fall
  • To create their own cloud service for documents (iCloud Drive). Ex. “Google Drive”
  • Finally bringing third party keyboards to iOS 8 . (Swype and swiftKey)
  • All Photos now live in your iCloud Photo Library
  • Messages that would self destruct on its own . That is basically a copy of snapchat.
  • Interactive Notifications. (Respond to text from iOS 8, Facebook Banner, Event Invitation “Accept or Decline,” Shortcuts to Favorite and Recent contacts.)
  • Safari copying Chrome with viewing all tabs in one page
  • Health – Fitness app to monitor your heart rate monitor, calories burned
  • Switching devices being able to finish one email on all devices.
  • Spotlight- Now gives Wikipedia Entry, Nearby Places, trending news


Android L-

The overlook of Android L

The overlook of Android L

  • Icon Change
  • Overhaul of Kit Kat UI Design – Changes of the App icons
  • There are now animations for almost any action you take.
  •   Return button is now a triangle pointing to the left
  •   Home Button- Circle
  •   Multitask- now looks similar to the tabs view in Chrome.
  • DialPad- Changes to Kit Kat DialPad, Dialpad pops up when you press the blue button on the bottom right hand corner.
  • Contacts- More intuitive easier navigation to a certain contact.
  • Keyboard- A more flat Keyboard as like in iOS 7 Keyboard, A wider keyboard for users with bigger fingers to use easier.
  • Settings App- Becomes more intuitive than Kit Kat with a more organized looking tabs. (It also now comes with a search function)
  • Volume – Pop up on-screen slider to turn on “Do Not Disturb,”
  • Calendar app- Becomes a more organized by color for events in a list.



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