Is Android L the best version of Android yet?

Android-L-article-headerAs many of you know, yesterday was Google’s developer conference otherwise known asandroid-l-notifications Google I/O. This year Google showed off lots of really exciting things that they will be working on this year. Probably one of the most exciting new things that was announced at Google I/O was android L. The latest version of Google’s mobile operating system. This is probably one of the most amazing updates yet. This update completely redesigned android’s UI. It introduced Google’s new design language called material design. This new design language is all about making the interface more clean and fast. The new UI includes card-based layouts that are bright and simple. It includes new wonderful, physics-based animations when you interact with almost anything on your phone. Google plans to integrate its material design language into all of it’s apps across multiple platforms Mobile(android/IOS), tablets, TV, wearables such as watches and Google glass and also in cars. This new update also includes some useful features such as a new lock screen which displays all of your notifications on it. From the lock screen you can easily expand and even dismiss notifications. Google also introduced a new feature called” heads up”. This is pop-up that will appear on top of whatever you’re doing to alert you of a notification. This means you’ll never have to drag down the notification bar to see who sent you a notification. 182493-androidlheadsupGoogle also introduced a cool new feature that will allow you to directly link you an app from Google search. For example, if you searched for Facebook on Google your phone would automatically open up the Facebook app once you click on the Facebook link in the search results as long as you have the app installed. Although this feature has been available for a few apps up to this point, Google is planning to open up this ability to all developers! As for some minor changes that are still important… Android L supports 64-bit architecture just like IOS, it is also has improved GPU support, it is no using a new run time called ART instead of Dalvik. This will allow android applications to run twice as fast as they did before. There have also been many improvements with security, now there is smart watch authentication this means that if your phone is in range of your smart watch your phone will not ask you for your password. There have also been many battery improvements in Android L, now stock android has a built-in battery saver mode which should help you get at least an extra 20 minutes out of your phone’s battery. That is it for this post! Tell me what your favorite android L feature is. Don’t forget to like and share this post.



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