LG G3 sets new standards for flagship smart phones

lg-g3-official-colours_verge_super_wideEarlier today the LG released their new flagship device, the LG G3. The G3 is one of theScreen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.26.50 PM higher end flagship devices we have seen so far this year. Like its predecessor the LG G2, the front side of the device is occupied mainly by its display. The display on this device is 5.5 inches with a very thin bezel and an overall minimalistic design. The front side of device is about 77% screen. The display is an IPS display with, a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. LG’s new handset is as tall as the HTC one with its 5 inch screen and as tall as Sony’s 5.2 inch xperia device while also being lighter than both of these phones. The G3 also has high-end specs like most of its competitors. It has a snapdragon 801 processor, up to 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage, and room for a micro SD card for expandable storage. LG has redesigned its entire UI ,and along with these changes it has implemented its new smart voice service that works much like Google now. It will remind you to call someone back, tell you to  uninstall unused apps, and make recommendations for your day such as “you may want to take an umbrella today since it is going to rain this evening”. The design of this phone, is in my opinion very appealing, and on par with other well-built devices such as the HTC one M8 and even the iPhone 5S. The back of the G3 looks as though it is made of brushed metal, when in reality it is made of polycarbonate which allows it to be very light and to have a removable back. Even though the back is not made out of pure metal like the HTC one M8 and the iPhone 5S, it still feels well built. This G3’s camera is also quite impressive, it has a 13 megapixel sensor, optical image stabilization, and a new laser autofocus system a first among smartphones. The device comes in various colors metallic black, silk white, shiny gold, Moon Violet, and Burgundy Red. And the device will be available with 170 carriers globally and it will be launching in the US on May 28th and in  the rest of the world in June.

Source for images and video: The Verge


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