New Fossil of Godzilla Shark Found


Well this is terrifying. A new type of ancient shark was found recently. This beast-I’m-glad-is-extinct hunted the waters about 300 million years ago. It was found in the Monzano Mountains east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. John-Paul Hodnett explained: “We are calling it Godzilla-shark for a number of physical features: 1) the dorsal fin spines on our shark are huge relative to the rest of the body, like those seen on the back of Godzilla, 2) Like Godzilla, it has broad, short and sharp teeth, rather than long needle-like teeth seen in other sharks of that same time period, 3) the body was largely covered by coarse dermal denticles, giving it almost a reptilian feel when you look at the fossil (like the skin of a gila monster), and 4) compared to the rest of the fish and other creatures found at the locality, its huge!” This thing was about 7 inches long, small yet horrifying.



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