Privacy for Android Phones

Google-fixes-worrying-Android-security-exploit (1)
Hey sorry for the tech hiatus. We’re back and ready to blog about the newest tech out.

Have you guys ever been out in public and you enter your password or pin into your android phone and it seems like everyone knows your phone’s pin or password? Well an app on the google play store called TimePIN will help your phone be safe in public when you enter your pin. TimePIN is an app that changes your phone’s pin to the time, of your location which changes every minute so it is a new pin every 60 seconds. This app would be more for those android users who have privacy concerns in public. The app also has a two pin backup so if you can’t gain access then you can use it to get into your device. Myself personally i haven’t gave this app a try yet, when i do there will be a post about my own view on this app.

You can download the app here!


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