The Apple Predicament

apple-wallpaper-logoThe Apple iPhone is a worldwide favorite brand for smartphones. What would happen if they try to change any major features on the phone? What if their software designer that was one of the designers who created slide to unlock feature left Apple? This is where your going to find all the information about Apple iPhone ideas and changes for the coming new phone?

iPhone Big Screen Problems?

Screen Issues:

1. The problem of making iPhones with bigger screens is basically being blunt here but they are practically screwing, the die hard Apple FanBoys by them being so used to small screen display for so long since they had a 4 inch screen for five generations now for the iPhone.

Reviews about this change from other users of the iPhone!

It fits better in my pocket
It’s so much lighter
Big screen phones look ridiculous

One Hand usuability:
2. The Apple iPhone is a one handed phone while the other competitors like Samsung trying to create Phablets (Tablet like Phones). Smartphone users are starting to enjoy bigger display phones than the average size phone.
Personally: I enjoy bigger screen phones. I actually own the Samsung S4, coming from the iPhone 4S, I have to say that owning my galaxy it is a difference productivity aspect phone. The iPhone software makes me feel less productive and the productivity on the iPhone is awful to get work done but some people may have a different view for this opinion.

Flagship Rivaling Maybe becoming easier
3. The Flagship phone rivals consumers switching from the Apple iPhones to android is literally a process. It is a process to switch from the iPhone to Android, its a switch that some die hard Apple fans may love or very much dislike. The android phones are also becoming very popular among, the iPhone, and the fellow company that Android surpassed Blackberry years ago. Switching may come very common if people start loving bigger screens, Samsung Note II & III. As this generation is progressing from the era of flip phones to the era of touchscreen, people are starting to enjoy a better screen resolution and the ability to use as a tablet.

Apple Designer Leaving/Retiring From Apple

Yes, One of the well known software designer for the iOS is now leaving/ retiring from Apple. Greg Christie has been getting the iOS 8 ready for the launch in June for Apple’s WWDC to unveil the new iPhone 6 and the iOS. Christie was known for creating, slide to unlock feature for the all touchscreen Apple devices. Even through Christie was planned to retire from Apple at the end of this year, he was conversing with another software company and is now going to be switching over to that software and leaving Apple.


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