Google rumored to release Nexus TV running android in 2014

nexus-tv-googleIt is rumored that Google will unveil a new set -top box to compete with the Apple TV and the Ruku in 2014. The device will definitely be running android, similar to chrome cast, and will be able to stream from services such as Netflix and Hulu and may even be able to play video games. The rumors of the Nexus TV have been buzzing since July of this year when The Wall Street Journal reported that such a device was demo-ed by Andy Rubin behind closed doors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sources told the paper that inside of the box there were kinect-like sensors that could control android devices. It is said that the device might support live broadcast, which means that Google would be able to avoid the hassle of trying to get traditional content providers to support their system. This isn’t the first time Google attempted to create products to take over our living room.  First they released the Google TV OS that manufacturers could include in their products. A few years later they announced the Nexus Q, a $300 spherical device that could stream content from any android device onto a TV. The device really wasn’t that successful and was discontinued in less than one year. At this point none of the TV entertainment devices Google had released really did that well…until they released the Chromecast. A $35 HDMI dongle that pretty much was everything the Nexus Q wanted to be.  You could stream videos and other media not only from android devices, but also from iOS.  Not only could content be streamed from mobile devices but it could also be streamed from Macs and Pcs via the Chromecast extension. So far the Chromecast has been very successful. Its biggest strength is its price, ONLY $35!

Source: The Verge 


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