My Favorite Features of Android 4.4 Kit Kat


Yesterday Google released their highly anticipated Nexus 5 along with a new version of

Android, Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Despite being only  an

incremental update, it brought a large number of useful improvements to

the OS. Today in this post I would like to list a few of my


My number one favorite feature is one that most users won’t notice,

but  it is probably the most important one of them all and that’s

memory optimization or, as Google calls it, “project svelte”.

Normally with every update to Android its fragmentation grew 

thanks to the large amount of low-range android phones. Now, thanks

to all the memory optimizations that have been implemented, the system requirements are much lower allowing for older

low-end devices to receive the latest version and therefore 

decrease fragmentation. At this

point the only things preventing the elimination of  Android fragmentation for

good are the phone carriers, because it is the phone companies that

determine when most devices get updated. 

Another great feature Google has introduced is the new dialer app. It

presents a really cool way of calling people who are not in your

contacts’ list. Now when you launch the dialer you will be presented

with your most frequently called contacts at the top, along with a

search bar in which you will be able to search for names of

specific businesses or even just search for things such as “pizza”

or “Chinese” and it will come up with restaurants that sell that

specific food in your area.  Kit Kat has a smarter Caller

ID too. Now, when a certain business in your area calls you, Android will

be able to recognize that the number is of a business and will

display the name of that business along with a relevant image. 

Also Google is getting rid of the messaging app and replacing it with

hangouts where you will also be able to send SMS messages. 

Now from apps like Quickoffice, you can open and save

files on Google Drive, other cloud storage services, or your device

so there’s more integration with cloud services. 

Well, these are only some of my favorite features in Kit Kat.  If you want to see all the

major features along with brief descriptions of each of them you

can visit Google’s Android Kit Kat page here.


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