Are you ready for iOS 7 on iPad?

9feabb3f-17d8-4aa9-b8f8-8524da6e4b18Recently some very interesting screenshots of iOS 7 beta 1 for iPad were leaked by Twitter user Sonny Dickson. These leaked screenshots do show some very unexpected design changes. For instance, the notification center now takes up the entire screen rather than a small section of it like in iOS 6 and 5. Controlcenter on the iPad now takes up only a small portion of the screen. Other changes include sparser Maps, Contacts, Spotlight search, and Settings interfaces. Although there is absolutely no guarantee that any of these design changes and features will be available in the final version of iOS 7 for iPad, it is still a really nice sneak peak. If you want to see more screenshots like this you can visit I have noted that in the control center in iOS 7 there is a flashlight icon. So, could this mean that the next generation iPad will have a flash? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.


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