Are you ready for WWDC 2013? What to expect?

urlWell, Apple’s worldwide developer conference or WWDC is less than a week away so, what are we going to see at this event? Well, first of all we are most likely going to  get an update to the macbook air and the macbook pro with retina display, they both are going to be getting intel’s new Haswell chip, which is the chip that is currently in the iMac and the Mac mini. Now, we most likely won’t see the new iPhone 5s or the rumored iWatch, these devices will most likely be released at a separate event in September. We will also be seeing an update to OS X. The new features that this update may bring are: Siri integration, Apple Maps integration, a newsstand app for the mac, more features for power users such as the ability to have two full screen applications open in deuel monitor setups. and of course more integration with iOS.iOS-7-Concept

We are also going to be getting a quite significant update to iOS, iOS 7. Now that Jony Ive (the mastermind behind apple’s beautiful hardware) is at the head of the software department we can expect to see great things. We expect to see a flatter version of iOS, in other words a complete redesign. So, what you like to see announced at WWDC 2013? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.

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