Will Apple bring AirDrop wireless file sharing to iOS?

All of the rumors that we have heard regarding iOS 7 suggest that it will most likely be a very significant update when it comes to the UI. Icon and many other elements have supposedly been redesigned to give the software a flatter and more modern look.AirDrop-Lion

According to recent rumors, along with Vimeo and Flickr integration, Apple is also working on bring the AirDrop feature from Mac OS X to iOS 7. By adding this feature Apple would make sharing between iOS devices easier than ever and this also may be a way to compete with Samsung’s S Beam sharing system. Of course, as great as this might seem, Gurman was quick to point out that Apple is only testing the feature and they most likely will remove it before the official release of iOS 7. We are hoping to get more information about this feature 1 week from now on June 10th at WWDC 2013. So, what do you think of AirDrop on iOS? Would you want in on your device? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.                                                               ===================================                                                   Where you can Follow TheTechWay: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram                                                                                 


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