Apple to release OS X 10.9. Will Apple’s new OS be more oriented around power users?

mac-os-x-10-9This year at WWDC 2013 Apple will certainly unveil a new version of their mac operating system. According to 9to5mac, OS X 10.9 will bring new features that power users will be happy with, such as improvements to the finder application that will now have tabs and tags. There may also be improvements to Apple’s browser Safari, faster page load times and more bug fixes and enhancements. OS X 10.9 is also said to feature the ability to have a full screen application open in only one monitor in dual monitor setups, a feature that was highly requested by many people. It is still unsure if siri will be implemented into OS X 10.9 or if Apple wants siri to be a feature exclusive to iOS. Apple is also said to unveil their new version of Xcode which is a mac application to help developers code apps. Xcode 5 will most likely include an improved UI and better app testing tools. What do you think Apple will release in OS X 10.9? Tell me your opinion in the comments below and also don’t forget to like and comment on this post.

Source: 9to5mac


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