Tickets for WWDC 2013 sell out in under 2 MINUTES! My thoughts…

screen-shot-2013-04-25-at-1-02-31-pmTickets for Apple 2013 WWDC conference are sold out and in record time– under 2 MINUTES! I was pretty sure that the tickets were going to go quickly, but I never would have guessed that it would take only 2 minutes. The tickets for Apple’s 2012 event sold out after just 2 hours, the year before that in 12 hours. So, it seems that the less Apple innovates, the more people are interested in what they are doing.  Seems kind of odd to me. Well, I guess it really isn’t that much of a surprise, after all it’s Apple and I’m also sure that many developers are very interested in what Apple is going to do with iOS 7 now that Jony Ive is at the head of the software department. Well, the only thing I wish Apple would do is make iOS a little bit more open, to allow developers to not be restrained to their application but actually make changes to the UI and allow the users a bit more freedom to customize their phone. Now, on iOS 6 ,if you really think about it, the only customizable thing is the wallpaper and that sounds a little bit ridiculous to me. So, what do you think? What do you wish Apple would do with iOS 7?  Tell me your opinion in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to like and comment on this post.


2 thoughts on “Tickets for WWDC 2013 sell out in under 2 MINUTES! My thoughts…

  1. One of the top priorities for Apple is customer experiences. I serious doubt Apple will allow any apps to alter iOS UI in any way since it carry the risk of degrading (or confuse) the overall iOS UI customer experience. my 2 cents…

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