Infinity Cell let’s you charge your phone simply by walking!

The Infinity Cell charging case is a really neat gadget that converts kinetic energy into electricity to power your iPhone. The current prototype for the case is huge and is linked up to an iPhone via a white cable. When you shake the Infinity Cell for 30 minutes, it provides enough power to give the iPhone a 20 percent charge. When you shake the case for three hours, that provides enough power for a full charge. Eventually the Infinity Cell will be able to generate power with the slightest movements, so one day, just by walking around with your phone in your pocket, you will be able to generate power. The creators of Infinity Cell are seeking to raise $155,000 on Kickstarter by June 6th and by giving a $125 contribution you will receive your very own Infinity Cell case. So, what do you think of this idea? Would you put this device on your phone? Tell me your opinions in the comments below and also don’t forget to like and comment on this post.


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