Was Facebook Home a success? 500k downloads, My thoughts…

facebook.home_.slide_.1Facebook Home is Facebook’s new launcher app for Android.  It changes your phone’s whole UI (user interface) and centers it around people instead of apps. Facebook’s new app was released in the PlayStore only 9 days ago, but it already has over 500.000 downloads! So, was Facebook Home a real success? Well, let’s face it, most  people just downloaded Facebook Home to try it out and probably took it off their device within a day, but I believe that Facebook Home is really something fresh.  It doesn’t really look like any other mobile operating system out there.  It is something really original, even though at the end of the day, I think nobody really wants to be so obsessively connected to any social network. But you have to admire all the effort Facebook has put into developing Facebook Home. Please tell me in the comments below what you think of Facebook Home.  Have you tried it? Do you use it as your default launcher? And, as always, don’t forget to like and share this post 🙂


4 thoughts on “Was Facebook Home a success? 500k downloads, My thoughts…

  1. It looks as though we agree on Facebook Home. I also think the developers’ concept is bold, and their design is nice. But I won’t install it on my smart phone. I don’t wish to have one social media platform essentially take over its OS. That goes for ANY platform. Also, while it’s a nice idea, I don’t want to risk having my phone inundated with chat heads. I have a lot of friends who can be very talkative. My phone is used primarily for business. I don’t need that distraction. Lastly, I do wonder about the privacy issue, regardless of Facebook’s promises.

  2. Facebook home would be really great if it only took away one of my home screens. Instead I found it to be a pain to navigate. There’s a reason I have an Galaxy and not an iphone… its the UI!

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