New malware found on Android PlayStore

Lockout has confirmed that a newly developed Android malware has been downloadedmalware millions of times on the Google PlayStore! Luckily as long as you haven’t downloaded any Russian clone apps recently you’re probably fine, but yet this didn’t stop the malware from being downloaded millions of times.

The new malware dubbed, “Bad News” has been spotted in 32 different applications from 4 different developer accounts, Lockout didn’t say how many devices were infected, but they believe the number to be around 2 million. Google recently has been putting a lot of effort into reducing malware on the Play Store, with software like Bounce that constantly scans the PlayStore for suspicious software. So, you might be asking your selfs, what does this malware do to your smart phone thats so bad? Well it does a few things you’d probably rather your phone didn’t do:

  • Fakes alerts encouraging you to download other infected apps, as well as things like AlphaSMS, which hijacks your phone and silently signs it up for premium SMS services
  • Sends your phone number and unique device i.d (the IMEI) back to the malware’s mothership Hope somebody found this post helpful, don’t forget to like and comment this post 🙂

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