My favorite Google Reader alternative

All of us know that Google Reader is going to be shut down by Google this summer so,google-reader-will-die-this-summer-but-when-one-rss-tool-kicks-the-bucket-many-more-will-surely have you found an alternative that works for you?                                                                 My favorite alternative is called Pulse, you can find it at Pulse essentially does the same thing that Google Reader does, it takes stories from a lot of different sites and brings them all in to one feed so you easily read all your favorite post/articles. There are also some advantages to using Pulse over Google Reader, first of all Pulse has some beautiful mobile applications for IOS,Android and iPad so you can read on the go, authentically it looks a lot better then Google Reader and you can also change the lay out of your stories to make it look like Google Reader if you want. And best thing about Pulse is that it has a Google Reader import so you can import all of your data from Google Reader over to Pulse. I hope you found this post helpful in anyway and tell me in the comments what Google Reader alternative will you be using?


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