HTC One Review

HTC One_Silver_3VThe HTC One is, in my opinion,  probably the best looking android phone currently on the market and I personally think that the HTC One is the closest thing Android has aesthetically to the iPhone.  The back of the phone has a beautiful metallic material and is slightly curved, which makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand. The screen is beautiful– the phone has a 1080 x 1920 pixels, 4.7 inches display which makes every little detail in photos very clear.  The camera, on the other hand, I am not that impressed with. Photos come quite bad in low light situations and with sufficient lighting photos, although better, still aren’t very good.  The camera on the device is only 4 MP, 2688 x 1520 pixels, but it can take 1080p video which isn’t that bad. The CPU on this phone is incredible.  It’s a Quad-core 1.7 GHz processor which makes high-graphics gaming run very smoothly. The battery is also very good.  I can get through a day with no problem, with 30% battery to spare. The phone comes with android 4.1.2 and personally I find HTCs software quite beautiful. Well, I must say that I think that the HTC One is the best Android smart phone on the market when it comes to design, features and performance,  even though I am very eager to try out the S4 when it comes out. Well anyway, I would recommend this phone to anybody that is interested in an android smart phone that has beautiful design and powerful hardware.  In other words, I would recommend this phone to all geeks who love having a smart phone with the best specs and also people that love a phone with good design that reviles that of the iPhone.


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