Gangnam style sequel “Gentleman” hits YouTube

psy-gentleman-videoYesterday PYS released his very anticipated sequel to the mega famous Song           Gangnam style. The song is in titled “Gentleman” at the time of this post Pys’s new song has over 58,474,746 views with 728,020 Thumbs up and 123,152 Thumbs Down. A far cry from Gangnam styles 1,526,762,160 views but at this point it is impossible to tell if Pys’s new song will beat its predecessor because after all it hasn’t even been on YouTube for more then 2 days. But i think that there are many things to like about Pys’s new song you can check it out at the end of this post and as always don’t forget to  comment and share this post. 


One thought on “Gangnam style sequel “Gentleman” hits YouTube

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